Rhode Island lawmakers poised to approve marijuana bill

June 4th, 2009 – PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – The state Senate could soon approve legislation permitting nonprofit stores in Rhode Island to sell marijuana to medical patients.

House lawmakers signed off on a final version of the bill Wednesday, sending it back to a Senate committee which has set a vote for Tuesday. If the legislation is ultimately approved by the full Senate, the bill would then go to Gov. Don Carcieri’s desk.

Carcieri has vetoed bids to expand the state’s medical marijuana program in the past.

The new legislation would allow up to three stores to sell marijuana to more than 680 patients registered with the state Department of Health.

Rhode Island permitted medical patients to possess marijuana for pain relief in 2006, but never legalized the sale of the drug.


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  1. I hope this bill passes because it would legetimze the sale of medicianal marijuana to people that need it so they could buy it safely and keep people from buying the drug on the street supporting the illced drug trade surounding the drug. It also helps those that can not or do not know how to grow marijuana for themselves. I think the recent change in the federal goverments standpoint on prosacuting compasanite caregivers centers in other states that have medicianal marijuana laws sets the tone for a more libral veiw on medicianal marijuana today.

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