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  1. Born to immigrant parents on 3-2-1983 at the Bellflower, Ca Kaiser Permanente Hospital.”Benning-Boy” Jorge Ricardo Puentes Jr is the second of six children. An At-risk child, growing up in South Los Angeles, Jorge was forced to leave his house at the age of 15, he lived alone in a van for a few months. Adopted by a wonderful family that nurtured and encouraged him. Graduated From Fontana High School in 2001 with a degree of merit with “Honors in Speech and Debate”, then 9/11 happened.

    In 2003 He Joined The U.S. Army as a 91W Combat Medic. Completed Basic training at Fort. Benning, Ga after which he successfully completed the Army’s Medical Healthcare Specialist Program, MOS-91W at Fort Sam Houston, Tx. He was Assigned to the Mortar Platoon In The Mechanized Infantry unit in Fort. Stewart, Ga. Honorably Discharged in 2005 he headed home to an uncertain future.

    Faced with Homelessness, due to VA claims processing times, he understands the hardships veterans returning home face. Happily married for over 10 years to his wife Petra, he is a proud father of two beautiful kids, Jorge the III (9), and Abbygail (3).

    As a veteran, suffering with severe pain, and ptsd, physicians prescribed heavy narcotics (morphine, methadone), that had severe negative impacts on my health. Several veterans recommended the use of medical cannabis to alleviate pain, and lesson ptsd symptoms. My response was always, a polite, no thanks. The most painful moment in my life was the look on my son’s face when my wife, uttered a few words, “daddy can’t play with you, he is always in a lot of pain”, my heart shattered.

    September 19, 2012, after a fall that led to a unimaginable pain flare up, prompting, serious consideration to see a cannabis friendly doctor for a recommendation. I was, fearful of consuming cannabis due to federal laws regarding that miraculous plant. Since, becoming a patient, and consuming medical cannabis, I know first hand the medicinal properties and therapeutic effects, it has had in my life. I am able to enjoy quality time playing with my kids.

    A soldier is prepared to put his life on the line. American Citizens are the reason why my fellow brothers in arms have made the sacrifice. After, the tragedy of 9/11, led by a radically extreme group, I heard the call.

    When partisan politics led by a radical group forced a Government shutdown I heard the call. Congress is full of Career Politicians that have forgotten the people, and now only see green.

    I wholeheartedly believe that the people of my district are not being represented properly. I refuse to be idle, the people deserve a representative that understands the hardships the people face. I am talking about my fellow citizens, veteran brothers, police officers, firefighters, educators, working single mothers and fathers, many of which were affected by the shutdown.

    The people are the reason, i chose to serve our country’s military, and they are the reason i am choosing to run for Congress.
    I pray you will support me for true representation of Ca-25th Congressional district.

  2. Hi,
    Wonder if you could publicise this for us. We leave on Tuesday!

    Medical Cannabis Bike Tour. Revolutionary road trip embarks this week
    The Medical Cannabis bike tour hits the road on Tuesday (March 11). This year’s ride has already raised €100,000 from sponsors, which will be used to fund ground breaking medical trials using cannabinoids to treat cancer.
    Riding from Valencia to Barcelona, the international field of 40 cyclists are covering 350 km, arriving at the world renowned Spannabis Expo for a press conference on Friday March 14.
    We will be bringing daily updates during the tour, so please help to spread the word!
    Follow on Facebook:
    Follow on Twitter: @MedCanBikeTour
    Follow on Youtube:

    Truly an international field, riders are coming from the Netherlands, UK, Norway, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, France, Italy, Spain, USA and Canada.
    There will be a press conference and photo opportunities at our stand in Spannabis (in the entrance hall) at 11.30am, Friday 14th March. If you cannot attend but would like material for your publication, please get in contact.
    For interviews, photos or more information about the bike tour please email: or contact Luc or Tim by phone on 0031-626090539 or 0044-7971310256.
    All information is on

  3. Hi Guys,

    Hope this message finds you well. Would love to share our blog with you. It’s 3-4 original pieces a day of cannabis / hemp / marijuana reporting and articles. We put a lot of time and effort into our brand and think your readers would find value in reading. Would love to chat about how we could work together.


  4. Hello Richard,
    We met at the MMJ Biz Conf a few weeks back. It was a pleasure chatting with you – your industry insights and business related advice really stoked our fire. We were very grateful for your time.
    I wanted to touch base about our conversation, specifically, having CJ (our chief scientist) look over any of your science related content for accuracy. With a little direction from you, I know he’d be happy to do so. Feel free to contact me via email to get the discussion started.

    Hope all is well.

    PS CJ’s email is

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