Will You Join The Great American [Toilet] Paper Boycott?

January 27, 2011 – The Great American Paper Boycott is a cause begun by environmentalist and musician Lloyd Hart as a way to halt deforestation in the United States.

Excerpts from the cause’s Facebook page:

The Great American Paper Boycott is about halting deforestation. We at The Great American Paper Boycott are challenging all the major toilet paper brands to make and nationally distribute the nation’s first roll of toilet paper made only from Post Consumer Recycled Paper and Farm Grown Hemp Fibers which unfortunately will have to come from Canada as American Farmers are not allowed to grow Hemp.

Since 1937 when the American congress outlawed hemp fiber cultivation opening up the paper industry to a monopoly controlled by the timber companies, well over fifty percent of the world’s forest have been cut down and made into paper.

This is why we must now boycott the paper companies that have no intention of ending their radical environmentally destructive practices. International Paper and the paper industry in general are quickly transferring all their wood chipping operations to the third world instead of opening up their businesses to American farmed fibers such Hemp.

The fact is, big paper are only dabbling in alternative fibers in order to paint a thin veneer of “Green” over their diabolical and deliberate profit taking destruction of the world’s forests. Putting off the responsibility of changing their practices to another generation of corporate bosses.

Vote by withholding your dollars from big paper and join this campaign. If we stop buying paper, big paper will have to change to get their market share back.

If you want to join his cause, log onto his Facebook page. Source.

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