Why the Tycoons Fear Hemp: From Drugs to Oil

February 17, 2010 – Tycoons fear hemp because it could out-compete products in many industries. Marijuana, the psychoactive form of hemp, is truly a medicine that has been mislabeled a drug. Not one hemp1-1death can be attributed to marijuana, a claim not even aspirin can make.

Industrial hemp, contains almost no tetrahydrocannibinol(THC). Hemp can be used to produce fuel, fabric, paper and even furniture. The cannabis plant is one of the most versatile plants in the world.

Though marijuana is less harmful and the effects more mild than alcohol, it is an illegal drug. Simply by smoking this plant, many chronically ill patients feel relief many prescriptions can’t provide, and with none of the drawbacks.

Marijuana is not physically addictive, it has never killed anyone, and anyone who really needed it could grow it easily enough themselves. Corporations are scared of the cannabis plant because of all of it’s qualities. They would make no profit if everyone could grow their own medicine!

Hemp as used for industrial purposes differs greatly from marijuana. Marijuana users would be greatly disappointed if faced with hemp instead. Offering absolutely no appeal for supposedly dangerous drug use, why is the hemp variety illegal? Even if a reasonable case against the usage of marijuana can be made the illegality of hemp remains ludicrous.

Henry Ford designed his cars to run on hemp-seed oil, and even had a model built primarily from hemp. Hemp-seed is one of the most nutritionally complete foods all essential amino and fatty acids. Wood, does not even stand up against hemp, hemp is stronger and lighter.

Hemp, either for recreational or industrial use, is a bountiful natural resource. Those making money from polluting the atmosphere and destroying forests don’t want cannabis grown because they would make less money. Although the environment, and people in general would benefit greatly, the one is power would not. Money, over all else is the reason they fear hemp.

Years ago, the United States required all land owning citizens to grow hemp, as well as England, Spain and many others. Not until blatant lies and propaganda campaigns did people turn against hemp and were tricked into allowing its ban.

The oil companies do not want to compete with hemp, neither do the logging companies, or the pharmaceutical companies. The very traits that make this plant valuable are what have made it illegal. There is no rational reason to fear cannabis, only irrational greed. by Brandon Romines. Source.


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