Why the Tycoons fear Hemp: From Drugs to Oil

January 31, 2010 – To the general public not familiar with the issue of hemp and its controversial image as a narcotic, it may seem non-confronting when compared to other problems faced in the twenty-first century. However, hemp’s role in industry may have been overlooked too soon.

The usual misconception about hemp is the stereotype with connection to marijuana used as a narcotic on the street level. Although in the same family as marijuana, hemp, in the form used by commercial applications does not meet the criteria needed to be placed amongst other hallucinogenic drugs. Hemp,not having sufficient levels of the active molecule,THC, responsible for its hallucinogenic qualities.

Might I point out that in theory there are two avenues to which hemp might be brought into public perspective. Industrial and medicinal. Firstly the industrial applications are seemingly endless, but there are inherent difficulties surrounding the costs of manufacturing and accompanying market changes this new industry would bring.

The Canadian Marijuana board, conducted vigorous studies into the potential of the fibers obtained from hemp, using the stocky parts of the plant which is in appearance much similar to wood fibers. In comparison to wood ,hemp was found to be evidently stronger and lighter when processed into building material. Also the C.M.B. focused on other derivative of hemp such as resin. The resins from hemp would turn out to be the most surprising discovery concerning potential alternatives to toxic petroleum bi-products used for plastics glues and other hazardous non-environmental constituents.

The attributes of medicinal marijuana have been the focus of much debate in recent years in Canada where doctors are prescribing pot for many ailments including glaucoma, MS, cancer, and debilitating spinal injuries. More recently the medical marijuana movement is getting traction across the United States.

The positive effects of medical pot on patients’ care are indisputable and have been more successful than anticipated. In correlation to the medicinal benefits of the drug itself, patients using marijuana have been able to eliminate other prescriptions from their regiment due to its multiple functions regarding appetite and sleeping issues.

As an advocate for Eco-friendly replacements for non-biodegradable materials, I’m somewhat troubled by the current state of practice concerning packaging with plastics and Styrofoams. Hemp is the best answer for the replacement of plastic, plastic packaging and cardboard, in return saving forests and stopping land fill pollution. by Kane Sibley. Source.

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