Extradition Order Issued for Canadian Pot Activist Emery

May 10, 2010 – Vancouver’s so-called Prince of Pot will be turned over to U.S. authorities to face drug charges five years after he was first arrested for selling marijuana seeds to U.S. residents, his wife and lawyer have confirmed.

Marc Emery, 51, turned himself in to authorities at B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Monday after his bail, granted in November, expired.

His wife, Jodie, told CBC News she has learned that federal Justice Minister Robert Nicholson has signed an order clearing the way for Emery to be extradited to the U.S.

Emery’s lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, said as part of a plea bargain deal, Emery will not appeal the extradition order and will likely be transferred to Seattle within a week.

Busted in Canada for breaking U.S. laws
Emery was arrested in 2005 — following an investigation by Canadian and U.S. police — for allegedly selling marijuana seeds over the internet from Vancouver to residents of the U.S.

He made an agreement with U.S. prosecutors last year that he would plead guilty to one charge of drug distribution in exchange for a five-year sentence.

Under the terms of the deal, Emery is expecting return to Canada to serve his sentence, said Tousaw.

The marijuana advocate surrendered for extradition last September but was later freed on bail in November, because Nicholson had not yet signed the order.

Before turning himself in on Monday, Emery told CBC News he was hopeful that Nicholson would decide to stay his extradition after he turned himself in.

Emery has said previously that he made the plea agreement with U.S. prosecutors so that his two co-accused — Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams — would each be given two years’ probation and to avoid a criminal trial that could result in a prison sentence of up to 50 years.

Meanwhile, The Canadian Press is reporting that a briefing memo to Canada’s justice minister said a U.S. drug enforcement agent worked in Canada to secure U.S. criminal charges against Marc Emery.

The memo also said thousands of letters have been sent to government urging the minister not to extradite the pot advocate.

Emery said he isn’t surprised by the support because millions of people oppose the idea of Canada bending to American will. Source.

2 responses to “Extradition Order Issued for Canadian Pot Activist Emery”

  1. “Emery said he isn’t surprised by the support because millions of people oppose the idea of Canada bending to American will.” Agreed.

  2. Somebody has grossly underestimated the WILL of the American People.
    Don`t worry, If he is not immediately pardoned on his arrival, Most of our politicians that support Cannabis Prohibition will NOT see another term in office, Change IS coming! It just will NOT be what our Government Expects, We need to create such a massive political backlash that most will not survive the elections this November, Mr “Toker” Obama will defiantly NEVER see another Term after the way he turned his back on the very people that put him there. Oh, Yea, That “Memo”, That so called “Memo” can change faster than a Woman`s Mind – How STUPID do you think the People Are?
    If you think our President does NOT have the power to put pressure in the right places to make this happen – You are completely STUPID!
    Neither the Republicans OR the Democrats can be trusted any longer,Vote Independent “Libertarian” and KICK THEM ALL OUT!!!!!!
    The person that yells the loudest quoting the Bill of Rights,Constitution,Individual Liberties and Freedom is what we are going to be looking for, The people are PISSED OFF and we WILL do something about it!!!!!!!!!! And we will KEEP doing what we have to do until we are finally successful.
    Almost ALL U.S. Politicians are currently on “Borrowed Time” as the people are Sick of being Repeatedly Lied to EVERY DAY!

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