The Many Uses of Hemp Oil

September 21, 2009 – Hemp oil is processed from the seeds of the regular cannabis plant, and before anyone giggles about any type of correlation between oil and the actual plant themselves, the processed oilThe-Many-Uses-of-Hemp-Oil_large contains virtually zero in the way of psychoactive cannabis chemicals.

What it does contain is up to 80 percent of essential fatty acids. Those are the fatty acids in the Omega family, and they are comparable to fish oil and olive oil for their health properties. Studies have proven that diets rich in Omega fatty acids will reduce the risk of heart attacks, and a teaspoon a day is a good way to get them into your body.

If you don’t like the teaspoon per day method, you can try using it in salads, substituting hemp oil for your regular olive oil. I do this all the time with guests, and no one can tell the difference. In fact, many have said how wonderful the salad oil tasted when combined with a little vinegar.

Much like olive oil, there are a couple of distinctions between first pressing of the seeds the second pressing of the seeds to obtain oil. First pressing gives the best nutritional food grade oil that there is, while second pressing oil should be considered for other uses. And there are many other uses. I am not going to give a categorical list of each and every use of hemp oil, but here are some of the more interesting ones that are slightly fascinating.

* Used straight from the container, it can be used as a varnish for bare woodwork. I personally am always on the lookout for natural wood finishes, and this might be the best one I have ever heard of. To that end, add a bit of hemp oil to some lemon oil and apply over finished wood. Buff it out and your finish will shine like it’s brand new.

* Since it is an oil, it can be substituted for petroleum based products in chainsaws, as bicycle chain lubrication, and really any type of application where an oil might come into contact with animals.

* Hemp oil candles are becoming popular, since they are all-natural and don’t use petroleum based paraffin as a burning medium.

* And of course bio-diesel production is another advantage of hemp oil use. Oil-to-seed ratio is high, so it would be a very efficient use of hemp seeds for bio-diesel manufacture.

There are many other uses both nutritionally as well as institutionally, where hemp oil can and should become a mainstay in the industry. And Because Action speaks louder than words, let’s all get the word out on the value and usage of hemp oil.

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