The Drug War-At the very core of America's financial and social meltdown?

July 1, 2009 – How the drug war affects all of us is being amplified in these harsh economic times. In recent months there has been a national increase in bank and other cash robberies. We can’t know the motives of the robbers. If they are trying to support a images-15drug habit or their mortgaged to the hilt middle class American lives.

Pharmacies have both cash and easily re-sold narcotics. They are now less of a target than in the past, because security improvements. Any would-be robber casing a pharmacy might be encouraged to look elsewhere.

One of the cash targets is rapidly becoming marijuana. Historically, during heightened prohibition of the drug since the 1970s, it has become a cash crop for many harvests. Picked and baled, boosted, stolen, ripped off, gone missing, and more recently, taken at gunpoint.

Men who steal twenty pounds of high grade marijuana have little interest in the drug, but in cash they can get for it in short order. They are brazen thieves. And who are their victims?

A few days ago a Boulder medical marijuana dispensary was robbed. The police apprehended the robbers and returned the marijuana to the owners of the clinic. A few days later in Brooklyn, a day care robbery aimed at marijuana put both the robbers and the day care owners in jail. One robber was shot by police.

Do we really have no clues about a middle aged couple having lots of marijuana and cash in an upscale neighborhood business? The Boulder couple will work on better security, like what pharmacies have. The Brooklyn family is going to be fried on the altar of piety in New York. The victims re-victimized by the drug frenzied justice system.

Is it believable that we are in the same country? We live in amazing times.

We have not escaped the violence of the drug war. Even as we ease towards tolerance with medically designated uses, the black market value of marijuana will continue to attract the most brazen thieves.

Many cities have fallen victim to the drug war by loss of tax funds when spent on vexatious prosecutions. Such as the recent $250K spent in Garden Grove over $200 worth of marijuana. The court ordered that the city pay $139K in attorney’s fees to a marijuana advocacy group that successfully sued the city. What might Garden Grove otherwise have done with $389K? Taxpayers there are victims of the marijuana war.

Last week in McIntosh County Oklahoma, the sheriff and top officers were convicted of marijuana and cash thefts; and recently the sheriff of Choctaw for extorting cash from marijuana growers for protection.

As it is evident that prohibition of marijuana has not been working and has cost billions, another choice would be to follow the advisement of two presidential commissions and several federal judges, and the continued efforts of a sensible minority in congress. Make it legal.

The drug war is at the very core of America’s financial and social meltdown.

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