“Stoner Culture” Will Ruin Medical Marijuana

March 19, 2010 – A US attorney is taking on irresponsible weed growers who are making respectable “pot professionals” look bad by using names like “Green Crack” for their homegrown strains and for loving tie-dyed posters.

According to a Wall Street Journal story:

“A growing number of potrepreneurs have gone upscale, investing as much as $US100,000 to launch “wellness centers” that look like spas-and just happen to sell weed. This new breed of marijuana “pharmacist” is pushing hard to professionalize the industry.”

But the Old Guard of potheads don’t like being told by a bunch of money-grubbing suits how to live, man:

“Some people don’t even want to use words like ’stoner’ and ‘pothead,’ ” complains Steve Bloom, co-author of “Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life.” He has no patience for that: “We should embrace those terms. This is who we are.”

These black light-owning pot dealers are also making some people paranoid, like “recreational smoker” Wanda James, who says, “They put me on edge.”

But the reckless druggies have some suits backing them, too:

Rob Corry, a lawyer and longtime marijuana activist, sympathizes with those who want a neon pot leaf on every corner. “Part of normalizing this is putting it in peoples’ faces and saying, ‘You’ll get used to it,’” he explains.

Guys, its time to end this and get on the same team.  Source.

One response to ““Stoner Culture” Will Ruin Medical Marijuana”

  1. In discussing Cannabis in an ADULT Manner does NOT include derogatory remarks such as, Stoners,Potheads or Druggies.
    Neither does it include calling “Cannabis” Marijuana,Pot,Weed,Grass or Other Derogatory synonyms.
    Cannabis has MANY uses and deserves to be used to it`s fullest potential for the benefit of mankind.

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