Soda Pot: This Soda Really Pops

January 25, 2011 – Marijuana drinks aren’t new. At the “Farmacy” in West Hollywood, there are flavors like Lemonade and Pomegranate, right next to the more familiar brownies and popcorn.

But the drinks are getting more popular among medical marijuana patients who’d rather not light up.

“People really like the idea of having a drink. Especially our elderly population like it a lot,” according to Joanna LaForce, a medical marijuana pharmacist.

So there enters a potential game changer.

A marijuana soda pop created by Santa Cruz Entrepreneur, Clay Butler.

His soda comes in five flavors and has names like Canna Cola, Doc Weed, and lemon-lime Sour Diesel.

Butler says he thinks his soda will be more appealing because they contain less THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana which can leave an aftertaste.

But pharmacist Joanna LaForce says there is a danger in a product which tastes too good.

“I think it’s very important that people know that it’s medicine. We don’t want something that tastes so good that they’re going to drink a lot of it, or it might get into the hands of children,” states Joanna LaForce, a medical marijuana pharmacist.

The sodas wouldn’t be any more accessible than other marijuana products, Butler says, but there is another concern.

All of the food products at the “Farmacy” go through stringent controls, and she says putting marijuana in liquids is especially difficult to do safely.

“It’s very important that your drinks are pasteurized, to eliminate any microbes or bacteria. You just can’t put some cannabis in there and expect it to be distributed evenly, so you get an even dose when you have that drink,” states Joanna LaForce, a medical marijuana pharmacist.

Add to that, Butler says he can’t get any U.S. manufacturer to make the caps for the soda, so he’ll probably have to go to China. Source.

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