Skin Cancer Patient Says Oil From Medical Marijuana Is A Cure

September 8, 2011 – A Ferndale man claims he’s found a cure for his cancer and it’s now legal in Michigan. Michael McShane claims he’s been using a topical oil made from medical marijuana on the skin cancer on his forehead and in just over two months it’s nearly gone.

“I’ve got biopsies, chart notes, photographs … in about three weeks I’m going to go back and really wrap this part of the case up,” said McShane. “It’s made the same way a lot of the fragrances and perfumes are made, and the oil is applied, in my case, directly to the skin, and within 10 weeks my cancer is gone.”

McShane claims the oil is harmless. “From a topical standpoint I don’t experience any euphoria,” said McShane.

McShane freely admits that he has smoked marijuana since he was in his teens, “It went from a party to a cure for cancer,” he said.

“That’s not entirely true,” said dermatologist Dr. Ali Moiin.

His dermatologist did not recommend the oil and denies that McShane is completely cured, but said the cancer cells have decreased by up to 60 percent.

“There is some active substance, I’m sure, in cannabis that will help improvement of sun damage,” said Moiin. “You still have some residual ones, but the size has definitely decreased.”

Moiin said the results so far definitely warrant further scientific study for the use of cannabis for treating skin cancer. Source.

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