Run From the Cure: The Rick Simpson Story – A Film By Christian Laurette

This presentation of RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story was made possible by Rick Simpson and video producer Christian Laurette. This presentation is made for free to teach YOU how to heal yourself of disease and illness using cannabinoids.

Rick SimpsonAfter a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the oil (with its high concentration of THC) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge – curing and controlling literally hundreds of people’s illnesses.

But when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine – leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments – and leaving Rick with unconstitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana!

Note: In this movie they call the medicine “hemp oil”, but perhaps a more descriptive term would be “high doses of extracted cannabinoids from mature female cannabis buds”

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An Interview with Rick Simpson by Lincoln Horsley

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Lincoln: Now most people that contact me are in late stage 3 or 4 because they have tired all the other treatments and there are no options left. Chemo or radiation or whatever it may be.  How do you think we can convince or attract people to use hemp oil as a first option as opposed to a last?

Rick Simpson: Well I mean we are all providing the information to people and as far as I’m concerned i don’t think anyone should take what they call “conventional” treatment.  You know to me what they are doing is insanity. Like chemo and radiation are carcinogenic. They both cause cancer.  So why on earth would anybody take a treatment that causes cancer to cure it. That doesn’t make any sense to me.  So you know all I encourage people to do is stay away from the medical system and use common sense. Use mother nature to heal. But i don’t twist any ones arm.  The way I look at it is if you want to take chemo and radiation to treat your cancer that’s your business. But if I want to use the oil to treat my cancer that’s my business.

Lincoln: That’s a good way to look at it. Now a lot of people are wanting to use good nutrition, alkalizing of the body and getting rid of toxins along with the oil. Have you seen that speed up the curing process when people add these lifestyle changes as opposed to people who made no lifestyle changes at all?

Rick Simpson: Well I think making lifestyle changes like that help you although most of the people who came to me did not. I asked them to change their diet and to get their pH up. You know eat watermelon and lemon juice .  That will help get your pH up.  But most of the people who came to me really didn’t change anything and the oil still worked for them.  And I think its a good idea to use other natural things along with the oil treatment.  You know just to guarantee it’s going to work a little bit faster and  maybe a little bit better

Lincoln: Now a lot of people that contact me are deciding if they want to take the oil and are scared to stop chemo or radiation when they start the oil treatment. Do you suggest that they stop all those treatments when they start the oil?

Rick Simpson: Well i suggest that people don’t take chemo or radiation in the first place.  Because I mean I think you have to be insane to take those treatments.  The only logical treatment is the oil. If you have cancer that definitely the answer.  And like I said do these natural things along with the oil.  I always tell people that come to me that it’s best to stay away from the medical system. Because practically everything they give you is going to cause more harm.

Read the full interview here:

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