Rally For Walmart Worker with Cancer Fired For Medical Marijuana Use-Video

March 18, 2010 – A Wal-Mart worker suffering from sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor, legally prescribed medical marijuana to curtail his suffering, has been fired from his job by the retail giant.

Joseph Casias, 29, named a Wal-Mart Associate Of The Year in 2008 by the Battle Creek, Michigan store, was prescribed the marijuana legally his physician, and says he has never used it while on the job.

Nonetheless, the company let him go without warning early one morning in November when he reported for work, and the now-jobless man was left confused and hurt.

“I never thought I would be terminated for this. At first I thought, ‘This isn’t true. How could this be right?’” Casias told reporters.

Casias, who suffered a knee injury on the job, was drug tested by his employers at the time. He had not informed his employer he was using medical marijuana, but was told by a supervisor when the results came back positive that it wouldn’t be a big deal, reports MSNBC.

The case magnifies the difficulty for employers with strict drug policies vs. employees who have been legally prescribed medical marijuana.

Here is a video news clip about a rally being held for Casias.

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