Premenstrual Syndrome, Medical Marijuana and Queen Victoria

October 17, 2009 – (MOLALLA, Ore.) – Some may think this is an unusual trio for a title but the three are closely inter-related. PMS affects about 15% of women, queen_victoria315some severely. It is related to cyclic hormonal changes familiar to all females.

Although the hormonal changes are responsible, the real culprit seems to be a Prostaglandin which causes the cramps.

It is interesting to note that prostaglandins were first discovered in 1935 and found in the prostate gland and semen. Later they were discovered all over in the body. They are related in structure to the natural cannabinoids anandamide and 2-AG.

ABC TV News, on Oct. 14, 2009, had a news item about a NEW therapy for PMS. If I heard correctly it was VIAGRA or something like it. I almost swallowed my false teeth. It is presumed to act by relaxing/dilating smooth muscle (of the uterus?) relieving the cramps.

The lady OB-GYN on the program gave a list of the standard PMS drugs:

1 – diuretics (water pills) for fluid retention

2 – NSAIDS/Asprin/Ibuprofen as anti-prostaglandins causing the cramping

3 – Birth Control Pills to alter normal hormonal changes and PMS

4 – Ovarian suppressants, same deal

5 – Anti-depressants (which probably don’t work for this either)

6 – Valium-like drugs, which caused millions of women to become addicts.

Alcohol was another “drug” which produced millions of alcoholics.

Hearing the ABC TV News turned on a light over my head: Queen Victoria was the first woman to use marijuana for PMS.

This occurred a few months after Dr. O’Shaughnessy brought cannabis to England about 1840. It was a new highly efficacious drug so lets try it. It was prescribed by a Dr. Sir Russel Reynolds physician to Queen Victoria. The Queen had previously used Opium, Coca (raw cocaine), wine and chloroform. I hope ladies will cringe when they read this.

The Queen obviously found that cannabis/marijuana worked well. She used it also for morning sickness and obstetrical anesthesia with no harm to fetuses. It seems that ABC TV News is way behind on PMS therapy. The new most promising therapy for PMS was discovered by Queen Victoria about 1850.

While I was helping patients get permits to use medical marijuana, I was advised by many PMS patients that MMJ did relieve cramps and why not?

MJ is an excellent anti-spasm drug (cramps ARE spasms) and pain killer. Source. By Dr. Phil Leveque

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  1. Wife says: Yea right,It did NOT help HER very much,(But that is Her)Helped with her Mood swings though,Which kept me safe for the Week each month. LOL

  2. Hey,

    This is great. Thank you very much. I’m going to forward this to every woman I know and all the men who are afflicted women who are afflicted by this.

    Chuck Jagoda, Cannabis Activist

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