Obama is Powerless Over DEA Says California ‘Weeds’ Candidate Craig Rubin

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The pro-medical marijuana candidate said, “While the DEA is raiding local marijuana facilities against the wishes of President Barack Obama our mayor says nothing. When I am Mayor I’ll protect patients and clubs.” L.A.’s current mayor has ducked debating candidate Craig X Rubin who is challenging him for another term as leader of the City of Angels. The number one question on the President’s “Change.gov,” web site was whether or not the President was going to tax and regulate marijuana. The same plant that is non-toxic and has never killed anyone in recorded history.

People who supported Mr. Obama are expecting him, an admitted past user of both cocaine and marijuana, to do something about the Drug War, which he has called an utter failure. While the raids went on patients chanted, “Save us Obama.”

The DEA run Drug War in reality is a ‘War on Marijuana’ as 85 percent of all drug arrests are marijuana arrests, thus, 85 percent of all related cost to the state is for marijuana eradication, suppression and incarceration. When the DEA raided the medical marijuana clubs in the last week the current mayor said nothing. Candidate Rubin says, “As mayor I’ll kick the DEA out of L.A. if they don’t leave medical marijuana clubs alone.” Full article here:

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