North Carolina -House Health Committee considers Medical Marijuana Bill

June 18th, 2009 – RALEIGH — In a historic first, the House Committee on Health will take testimony on House Bill 1380, a measure to 750px-flag_of_north_carolinasvgprotect seriously ill North Carolinians from the risk of arrest and jail for using marijuana for medical purposes if their physician recommends it. The session, scheduled for noon June 18 at the Legislative Office Building, room 544, will be North Carolina’s first-ever legislative hearing on a measure that would provide effective protection to medical marijuana patients.

Rep. Earl Jones (D-Greensboro) and witnesses will speak, including: Perry Parks, of Richmond County, a Vietnam veteran, pilot and former corporate safety director who suffers from degenerative disk disease; Billy Cates, of Davidson County, who experiences severe pain resulting from a broken neck; Jean Marlowe, of Polk County, who suffers from porphyria, an illness that causes pain and nerve damage; Ann Hodges, a registered nurse from Wilson County, who suffers from back pain and has an implanted spinal stimulator; and Janet Osburn, a registered nurse from Johnston County, with severe fibromyalgia.

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