No Referendum for Medical Marijuana Ordinance in L.A.

March 18th, 2010 – A group of advocates attempting to force a referendum on the new L.A. medical marijuana ordinance failed to collect the necessary signatures. 27,425 signatures were necessary to qualify for a ballot measure. At the deadline, advocates had collected about 15,000.

The Rainforest Collective’s Daniel Halbert believes “If we had a total of 30 days, we would have achieved (our goal). This is a very popular issue, but the city purposely delayed the approval of our petitions and ate up 10 of our days.”

The group has not ruled out legal action and is now seeking advice from attorneys.

As reported earlier this year, the new ordinance will cap the city’s dispensary total at 70. Additionally, the ordinance will create restrictive buffer zones of 1,000 feet between dispensaries and “sensitive use” sites such as schools, libraries, and parks – forcing many dispensaries to shut down.

The advocacy organization Americans for Safe Access filed a suit earlier this month that will seek a temporary restraining order to block the ordinance.  by Mike Hughes.  Source.

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