Need Medical Marijuana? Yep, iPhone's Got an App For That

Jul 21, 2009 – Apple’s App Store is never short of controversy, from shaking babies, to explicit racy content. The latest disputable app to be approved by Apple and hit the store is ‘Cannabis,’ an application that assists users in finding the nearest available marijuana supply. [youtube=]

The application is available for $2.99, and is developed by the “Cannabis lifestyle” folks over at Ajnag, yet they insist that the app should be used for medicinal purposes only. It will not share the location of illegal dealers, and Ajnag claims not to promote the illegal use of the drug.

‘Cannabis’ currently works via location based services, pulling in a users current location and using that knowledge to display relevant information, such as where the closest legal source of Cannabis can be found. For example it will show users of the application legal dispensaries in over a dozen U.S. States, and for those states lacking medical marijuana laws, the app will point you in the direction of a nearby Cannabis organization. For International users a display of local legal Cannabis coffee shops will be offered. In addition to sharing where users can find Cannabis, users can also locate local doctors, clinics, attorneys and more.

It is fairly clear that this application is setting out to make positive steps towards marijuana legalization, but whether people will see it that way is yet to be seen.
By Chris Brandrick. Source.

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