N.H. lawmakers approve medical marijuana

June 25, 2009 – The New Hampshire Legislature has passed legislation that would allow chronically ill patients to use medical marijuana with a doctor’s New_Hampshire_State_Flagprescription.

Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, said he would study the bill before deciding whether to sign or veto it. He has raised concerns about preventing marijuana cultivation and distribution. The bill would prohibit users or caregivers from growing the plant, which would be dispensed in licensed “compassion centers.”

If the law is enacted, the Granite State will become the 14th state allowing medical marijuana and the fourth state to license dispensaries.

Last week, the Rhode Island Legislature overrode a veto by Gov. Donald Carceri to establish three state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries for patients who qualify. California and New Mexico also allow medical marijuana dispensaries.

Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and North Carolina are also considering medical marijuana legislation.

The Justice Department announced recently that it would stop prosecuting dispensary owners who comply with state laws. The Bush administration raided dispensaries because they violated federal law. Source.

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