Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Marijuana

November 17, 2009 – The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s official position on medical marijuana is that early studies have shown mixed results and some side effects. They continue to support and fund medical marijuana studies.

At a recent Multiple Sclerosis support group meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. Rock Heyman, MD was the keynote speaker. He said, “We know marijuana helps multiple sclerosis but I am not allowed to prescribe it to you.”

Dr. Heyman is the Assistant Professor of Neurology Chief Department of Division of Neuroimmunology/Multiple Sclerosis , University of Pittsburgh Medical School.

Dr. Heyman provides care for many of the people with multiple sclerosis and related disorders throughout the region. Dr. Heyman is active with both the national and regional National MS Society (NMSS), serving on the regional board of trustees and as their medical advisor, research advocate, and chairman of the clinical advisory committee. He is an active member of the national office of the NMSS medical advisory board and Council of Clinical Advisory Committee Chairs. Dr. Heyman chairs the education committee of the consortium of MS Centers.

A reader in Denver writes, “My brother had MS (I say had because it eventually took him from us a few years ago) and was a patient who used medical marijuana and I can’t believe the ignorance that continues to prevail in this area! I found some interesting articles by a man who was hired by the government to study the long term effects of Marijuana and after 20 years he declared there was nothing to study. He fully supports the legalization of marijuana across the board because he’s not only found no detrimental side effects, but had come across multiple cases of people who were seriously helped by their use. There was one article I found heart-wrenching & you may be familiar with this case, or others like it, but I thought I’d send you the link. I just subscribed to receive notices when you post new articles…thank you for taking a stand on this issue and I look forward to reading more from you!”


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