Missouri Supporters Struggling to Get Medical Marijuana Legalized

February 9, 2010 – There are at this time 14 states that have made the use of marijuana for medical purposes legal – but Missouri is not one of them.

medical-marijuana1There are, however, patients who reside in Missouri who believe that they could benefit from legalizing medical marijuana – and one of them is heading up efforts to lobby for the legalization of medical marijuana in her state, according to a feature on KY3.com.

medical marijuanaSherry Cooper of Mountain View, Missouri shares what her life is like at this time. She has been diagnosed fibromyalgia and has been living with the pain associated with the disease over the past two to three years. Her day is filled with pills – and more pills – from the time she wakes up. There are days when there is a need for her to down as much as 13 prescription painkillers and deal with their side effects.

Cooper shares: “They could cause you to have thoughts of suicide and all. Nausea — that medication is one of the most nauseating meds I’ve ever taken.”

Medical marijuana can change that. Cooper believes that using pot can significantly reduce pain symptoms within a short period of time – cutting pain by almost half of its original intensity in as short as half an hour. And these quick results do not have side effects to accompany them, she shares.

At this time, Cooper is trying to rally other supporters behind her cause, doing her searching online. According to the KY3 feature, a bill has already been introduced in the House but has not been assigned to a legislative committee.


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