Minnesota Medical Marijuana Bill’s Future Uncertain

JANUARY 29, 2010 – Sen. Steve Murphy, DFL-Winona, has been the chief backer of a bill to marijuana-300x271allow medical marijuana for seriously ill patients, but he’s not sure whether there will be a push for it this session. To make matters worse for medical marijuana backers, Murphy is retiring at the end of the session.

“For right now, it looks a little discouraging,” Murphy told the Minnesota Daily. “I don’t know any high-jumper that’s going to get over the bar that [Gov. Tim Pawlenty]’s setting. Adrian Peterson couldn’t jump over that thing.”

Pawlenty vetoed the medical marijuana bill last session citing law enforcement concerns. Even though the bill would have created the strictest medical marijuana law in the nation, law enforcement wouldn’t budge last year.

When asked by the Minnesota Independent whether a constitutional amendment will be a possibility this session, Murphy simply said, “I do not have information at this time regarding the possibility of an amendment regarding medical marijuana in the upcoming session.”

While Murphy announced recently that the 2010 session will be his last, medical marijuana advocates told the Minnesota Independent that they will continue to push for it — even if it means putting the issue to a vote of the people. Source.

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