Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center Brings Relief to Patients

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center, (MMMCC). is making it a little easier for citizens to obtain documents necessary to receive medical marijuana for certain medical conditions according to an article issued by Hermanoff Public Relations through Newswise on 3-22-2010.

Use of marijuana for medical reasons was passed by Michigan voters in November 2008.

Details for marijuana dispensaries have not been hammered out by officials, and some communities are even blocking entrepreneurs from opening up such centers. Police in Detroit also seem to be focusing on busting people for marijuana. Michigan legislators are at work making it a crime for medical marijuana users to grow their own.

The Medical Marijuana Program is administered by the Bureau of Health Professions within the Michigan Department of Community Health, according to The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association.

Michigan law and rules for medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is much like a wonder drug for 1000s of patients in Michigan suffering from cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Hepatitis C, nail patella, or a medical condition or treatment that produces chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures, spasms, or wasting syndrome.

According to Hermanoff Public Relations, “Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center provides a statewide accepted process to obtain a physician’s certification for the application with the State of Michigan for legal use of medical marijuana for qualified patients. Upon the physician’s review and approval, qualified patients receive a signed certification form that allows them to apply for the Medical Marijuana Identification Card.”

The new Center is located at 29777 Telegraph Road, Suite 1451 in Southfield, MI. It also is opening a second facility in Grand Rapids this month.

For more information, log onto www.yourgreenoption.com or www.mmmcc.net, or call 616-452-0899 or 248-932-6400.

If you or a loved one needs help with any type of drug problem, contact these sites depending on where you live. SEMCA (Wayne County residents), CARE (Macomb County residents), PACE (Oakland County residents), Drug Free Detroit (City of Detroit residents). For those residing outside the State of Michigan, contact SAMHSA for assistance. For assistance with medical marijuana contact The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, or Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center.


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