Medical Marijuana Legalization Explosion

June 7th, 2009 – (MOLALLA, Ore.) – Legal medical marijuana started with an apprehensive whimper in California in 1996. Doctor Tod Mikuriya, who had studied cannabis/marijuana as safe effective medicine for about 30 years, was most likely the first doctor to jump into the fray and controversy. The California Medical Board went “ape” and harassed him.doc_leveque350

In 1998, Oregon made medical marijuana legal. I was one of the first doctors who jumped in as I was partially disabled from medical malpractice with a spinal cord injury and could no longer do a regular office practice. I had studied cannabis/marijuana as medicine for about 50 years and I knew it was not “dangerous” but a good effective medicine.

Right after I started writing applications, the Oregon Medical Board went “totally ape” and not only harassed me personally, but were providing local newspapers with scandalous, libelous articles about me such as “Doctor Leveque is a danger to all his patients and the public in general”.

I had not harmed any patients in any way and I had up to 4,000 patients who came to me year after year to renew their permits.

I am writing this as an introduction/explanation of how the DEA and the Medical Boards use Gestapo like tactics to frighten doctors and patients getting legal permission to grow and use a effective medicine.

In spite of these DEA/medical Board Gestapo tactics, legalization of medical marijuana has blossomed into presently 13 states with legality and ten more states with mills in their legislatures.


This will cause an extreme problem. Doctors are still paranoid fearful of the DEA and medical boards although President Obama, a former user, has implied his new attorney general will rein in the DEA. He hasn’t done it yet. SHAME ON HIM!

In California, possibly only about 100 doctors are writing MJ approvals and about 300,0000 patients are legal. In Oregon 3,000 doctors have signed applications for 22,000 patients. About 70% percent were signed by only ten doctors. Most doctors have signed only one or two applications.

I can reassure doctors that the DEA WILL NOT cause revocation of your medical license. This has happened to only one doctor, myself. They got me because my board is nearly all MD’s and I am an osteopathic doctor considered by them unfit to practice medicine.

The DEA has the capacity to influence Oregon Medical Board actions and they can restrict your license to prescribe certain medications, which they did to me.

I was a pharmacology professor for 25 years in some of the best medical schools in the U.S. And I was invited by the University of London to teach in Africa. I trained the first doctors in Tanzania.



By Dr. Phil Leveque. Source.

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