Medical Marijuana Laws: New Jersey

January 22, 2010 – It was New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine’s last day in office and one supposes he wanted to clear his desk; in doing so, he signed 55 bills, one of which included a bill for legalizing medical marijuana.

The bill will allow medical marijuana to be used by those battling with the following chronic and terminal diseases:

* Cancer
* Glaucoma
* positive HIV/AIDS status
chronic, debilitating diseases or medical conditions that result in
o wasting syndrome
o severe or chronic pain
o severe nausea, seizures
o severe and persistent muscle spasms

Corzine is reported as saying:

This legislation holds the promise of easing the suffering of many New Jerseyans, now and in the future, by giving them the opportunity to legally access medical marijuana. The bill has the necessary safeguards and restrictions to ensure that those suffering from chronic and terminal diseases receive relief while maintaining our state’s tough stance on recreational drug use.

The legislation calls for the establishment of alternative treatment centers to dispense marijuana to registered qualified patients.

To qualify, patients would have to be diagnosed by a physician whom they have an existing relationship with as having a “debilitating medical condition” and then would be issued a registry identification card by the Department of Health and Senior Services to use medical marijuana.

The law is likely to become effective within the next 9 months.

2 responses to “Medical Marijuana Laws: New Jersey”

  1. 2 Main Issues,
    #1.The Doctor is the one to decide how much is to be dispensed per Month, NOT the Government!! If patients cannot obtain enough each month, Can they Sue the State for Pain and Suffering because THEY decided to Play Doctor and LIMIT the Medicine?
    #2. Not allowing People to grow their own is absurd, As long as they do NOT Illegally sell it there should NOT be a problem, What type of Individual Strains are they going to Be giving to people, If people cannot grow their own then it Should be FREE!!!!! PERIOD!!!! If you want to Charge people? Then they should have the Choice to grow or Not, Monopolies are Unconstitutional.

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    Hopefully, the media are aware that an important means of educating future generations.

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