Medical Marijuana is THE new growth industry

May30th, 2009 – There’s always a heap of interest when a newly emerging technology begins to make some headlines, but when that technology is related to marijuana, the interest is amplified ten-fold.

Cannabis is an ever-present in the world’s news in its own right. But when it has some high profile celebrity endorsements to inflate the newsworthyness of the story, news editors are assured of plenty of reader feedback.

As a result marijuana always receives lots of column inch’s.
For instance, it was with a degree of resignation and a shoulder-shrug, that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said recently, it’s time to consider legalizing marijuana.
Although, his thoughts were the loose-fit variety and free of any specifics: “I think it’s time for a debate” he said.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, a Democrat from San Francisco goes one step further by saying his initial estimate is in the region of $1.3 billion dollars in new revenue made available to the state of California, if his AB390 legalization bill passed.

The numbers involved in this newly emerging marijuana industry are literally quite staggering when you realize currenlty 1 in 5 adults, has used cannabis at least once.
But the truth is, the legalization of marijuana is at least a generation away. Probably more.

In the meantime its only the forward-thinking US states, and one or two European nations who recognize the primary harm to manifest as a result of drugs prohibition, is the exposure to the law which exists as a result of it.

Convictions for marijuana offences do far more harm than the drug itself, and arresting people who can actually benefit physically in the treatment of a medical condition is inhumane and barbaric. The UK should take note!

“In the US prison system there is currently around an 84% chance an offender will reoffend and go back to prison, so with statistics like that its imperative we spend our money not so much on trying to keep people from re-offending. But by stopping them offending and going to prison in the first place”.

So said Bruce Perlowin in 1985.

Perlowin is CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc, (PINKS:MJNA) but at the time, he was serving a 15 year jail sentence at Texarcana Federal Prison, and as such was perhaps perfectly situated to comment.

Perlowin served 8 of a 15 year stretch for masterminding the greatest marijuana smuggling operation the world had ever seen, smuggling over 500,000 pounds of marijuana, from Colombia to the United States, using a fleet of ships and aeroplanes larger than the Air Forces and Navy’s of many small countries.

He employed over 100 people, ran his own pier in San Fransisco Bay, and had a surveillance set up which could teach the FBI a thing or two, (according to a District Attorney involved in the prosecution).

With a business pedigree like this, it was a ‘given’ that Bruce Perlowin would be one of the very first to recognize an investment opportunity in the infantile medical marijuana industry, which is only now beginning to flower.

With organizations like Rob Kampia’s Marijuana Policy Project rampaging from state to state on behalf of medical marijuana, the green veil is being slowly but surely lifted across America, as administrations begin to realize sending people to jail for marijuana offences is an ineffective and expensive error.

Especially so in light of the weight of medical evidence which exists in favor of marijuana being used as a bona-fide medicine.

As marijuana stands currently, a class 1 narcotic alongside heroin and cocaine, it can not be administered, by law.
But the confusing ‘State Versus Federal’ position makes it possible for people with a doctors recommendation to use marijuana in the treatment of a medical condition. And with the inception of such a state law, it naturally follows there will form an industry which exists to support this newly decreed demographic of ‘medical marijuana’ users.

As has proven to be the case for the last 9 decades, nothing about marijuana is ever quite as straight forward as it seems and in the case of many business people who were legally operating under state laws, this has ended with a federal prison sentence for selling a class 1 narcotic. And without a shadow of a doubt every single case will have involved the cannabis vendor saying he had sold ‘X’ amount of medical marijuana, whilst the DEA said he had sold ‘Y’ amount.

As a result of there being no actual ‘industry standard’ when it comes to accounting systems involved in the distribution of medical marijuana, be that through a collective, a dispensary or a designated grower system, anyone actually wishing to get involved in medical marijuana must constantly pick their way through a legal minefield, which could end the liberty of a person almost it seems, at the whim of the DEA.

But using this improved inventory management, distribution and accounting system from Medical Marijuana Inc, Cannabis suppliers can accurately track the quantity and value of their inventory at any point in time and adjust their inventory valuation criteria accordingly.

How it works
Inventory is scanned in through the back door using a barcode system that produces a highly secure ‘closed circuit’ audit trail from the grower to the patient. Its then scanned out the front door with the consumers purchase. The transaction is completed, and is super-easy to log and track from grower to consumer.

This is perhaps what makes this system so attractive to regulators who wish to ensure compliance by all participants in the industry.

Charles Larsen, who is the President of Medical Marijuana Inc and a former US Coast Guard officer commented “”This secure platform will provide industry operators with tools to efficiently purchase, trade, track and value their inventory at any point along the supply chain”.

He continued “This online interconnected distribution network will give all industry participants the ability to more effectively manage their operations and ensure that they are always in full compliance with regulators.”

What that means in laymans terms, is a system which at anytime, the government can plug into to check accounts, thus safeguarding their all important piece of the big green pie.

At face value Bruce Perlowins system looks a sure-fire winner, which is sure to gain some form of official backing, as the US administration realizes this is an accurate, efficient, non-labor intensive means of collecting millions of dollars of tax revenue they are simply missing out on currently.

Tax revenue on money which is being spent, regardless of whether the US government decide to get involved or not.

Tax revenue which currently falls into the hands of organised criminals in a lot of instances.

For the dispensary operator, having an industry standard system in place makes sure all of the respective agency’s can interface with their accounts almost at will, providing an electronic road map of every single transaction undertaken.

And for the end user they can be safe in the knowledge they are dealing with an operator who is doing absolutely everything in his or her power to abide by the laws of the land.

Its a real win/win/win situation, which is only going to mature over time.

Meaning now is a really good time to check out Medical Marijuana Inc.


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