Medical Marijuana iPhone App Becomes Free

February 15, 2010 – This should definitely hit home in San Francisco, home to marijuana dispensaries called the Vapor Room and the Divinity Tree and likely the nest of the largest Picture 1amount of iPhone users in the nation outside of New York.

You may remember way back when in the days of black and white when and Cannabis Apps released an iPhone application they called, rather ingeniously, Cannabis. If you’re reading this, you probably cannot recall that far back in the past so let me bring you up to speed.

The application, for $3 on the App Store, would locate places that cannabis users, with doctor’s orders of course, could find medical marijuana. That meant collectives, cooperatives, doctors, clinics and facilities in fourteen states.

And if you have been around San Francisco, you know there are a few of them.

While they haven’t changed the functionally of the Cannabis application, they have made it free for anyone over the age of 17 with an iPhone. Here is what Cheryl Aichele of Medical Marijuana Media had to say about the price change:

“As patients, we understand the financial burden of living with life-altering medical conditions and we want to help patients access valuable resources for no additional cost.”

So there you have it. If this sounds like something you need, the streets of San Francisco are confusing after all, you can head here to snag the app for free. Source.

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