Medical Marijuana-America halts War on Drugs-Canadian Gov't Ramps it Up

December 5, 2009 – Canada’s justice minister says people who sell or grow marijuana belong in jail because pot is used as a “currency” to bring harder drugs into the country.

“This lubricates the business and that makes me nervous,” Rob Nicholson told the Commons justice committee yesterday as he faced tough questions about a controversial bill to impose automatic prison sentences for drug crimes, including growing as little as one pot plant.

“Marijuana is the currency that is used to bring other more serious drugs into the country,” the minister said.

Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act currently contains no mandatory prison sentences and judges use their own discretion about whether to send drug pushers and growers to jail.

But the Conservatives have proposed legislation which would impose one-year mandatory jail time for marijuana dealing, when it is linked to organized crime or a weapon is involved.

The sentence would be increased to two years for dealing drugs such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines to young people, or pushing drugs near a school or other places frequented by youths.

The proposed legislation would impose six months for growing one to 200 marijuana plants to sell, and two years for big-time growers of 500 plants or more.

The bill is arguably the most controversial piece of justice legislation introduced by the Conservative and critics have warned that, if passed, it could flood prisons and jails.

Opposition critics voiced concerns yesterday that a crackdown would not only target big-time dealers, but would end up sending drug addicts to provincial prisons, which have few treatment programs in place. Source.

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  1. It is downright Communist and WRONG to jail someone for growing a basically harmless plant, It is a vegetable for Christ`s sake, What`s Next? In the Future Are these Assholes going to be putting people in jail for growing other vegetables? Claiming it`s hurting Commercial Farmers, Does it have to get that ridiculous before we decide to do something about these people? I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!WAKE UP SOON YOU FOOLS!!!!!!!!
    It`s Illegal status is what makes it a per-say Currency, It amazes me how Clueless some of these highly educated people are, Years of “Social Engineering” has taken it`s Toll. Layman’s term – Brainwashing!

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