Marijuana Linked To Brain Cell Growth In Rats!


2 responses to “Marijuana Linked To Brain Cell Growth In Rats!”

  1. What MORONS, Why even report it if you plan on poking fun at Cannabis and diminish it`s Medical Importance? Downplaying the benefits just coddles the Prohibitionist Propaganda, These people are just as bad if not Worse than those Suppressing & Denying our Right to a Beneficial “Proven” Medicine!!!!!!

  2. I like how they show a clip of people snorting cocaine off a mirror. How is that related to news about a clinical study on the affects of cannabis in lab rats? Because the average Fox News viewer is so brainwashed into believing the “gateway drug” myth, i guess it’s to be expected. They should show clips of wild people “obviously high on pot” gunning down innocent victims in the street. It has the same affect.

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