Marijuana Bills introduced by Congress & State legislatures

United States Congress
HR 858 – would prohibit the marketing, sale or shipment in interstate commerce of products designed to assist in defrauding a drug test

HB 434 – would authorize the use of medical marijuana by certain qualifying persons who have been diagnosed by a physician as having a debilitating medical condition

AB 390 – would legalize (and tax) the possession, sale, use and cultivation of marijuana by people over 21

SB 349 – would reduce the penalty for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction

HB 6156 – an act to authorize the medical use of marijuana

HB 5175 – an act to allow patients to benefit from relief of neurological symptoms without fear of prosecution

SB 401 – would allow a qualifying patient to possess 12 marijuana plants and 7 ounces of marijuana at one time; prohibit identification of the site where marijuana is grown on a registry card; prohibit a certifying physician from naming a patient’s particular debilitating condition; allow a caregiver to grow marijuana for no more than 5 patients

HB 226 – would allow a qualifying patient to possess 12 marijuana plants and 7 ounces of marijuana at one time

SB 223 & HB 1191 – would create marijuana distribution stamp system for medical marijuana in Hawaii

HB 1194 – would require the department of health to grow, manage, operate, and dispense medical marijuana collectives to qualifying patients

HB 227 & SB 400 – would decriminalize possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana and make the possession a civil violation subject to a fine of not more than $100

HB 190 – would decriminalize possession of less than one ounce of marijuana from a petty misdemeanor to a violation

HB 1192 – would make the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana a civil offense and imposes fines

HB 1193 – would provide that the enforcement of laws related to the personal use of marijuana by adults shall be the lowest law enforcement priority for state

HB 305 – would provide the authority, procedures, and licensing, related to the production of industrial hemp in the State

SB 1381 & HB 2514 – Create the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act.

LD 250 – An Act To Streamline and Clarify Laws Pertaining to the Civil and Criminal Possession of Marijuana

SF 97 & HF 292 – would allow medical marijuana

HF 608 – would provide for the development and regulation of an industrial hemp industry; authorize rulemaking; provide a defense for possession and cultivation of industrial hemp; modify the definition of marijuana

HB 277 – the bill reclassifies marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II and would allow patients to use medical marijuana with a doctor’s certification. If passed, would be submitted to a referendum vote in 2010.

SB 326 & HB 73 – would revise and expand the existing medical marijuana laws to include treatment for additional medical conditions, allow minors to use parentally designated caregiver, allow registered patients and caregivers to obtain medical marijuana from any registered caregiver, increase the amount of medical marijuana that registered patients may possess and protect additional rights of approved users and mmj cardholders

HB 0541 – would reduce penalties for possession of marijuana

New Hampshire
HB 648 – permits the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes if prescribed by a physician

HB 575 – would prohibit driving with any amount of any Schedule I controlled substance in a person’s blood or urine and impose the same penalties as driving while intoxicated (note: I figured this would be bad because you could get busted for a DWI while totally sober because you smoked three days before and failed a urine screen)

HB 555 – provides that a person who is in possession of up to one ounce of marijuana shall be subject to a $100 fine and forfeiture of the marijuana

HB 399 – permits the development of an industrial hemp industry in New Hampshire. The bill also establishes an industrial hemp special program fund, into which certain fees and seed sale revenues shall be deposited.

New Jersey

S 119 & A 804 – Establish the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act

New York
S 1682 – provides that no candy or confection sold in this state shall be packaged, shaped or manufactured to resemble marijuana or marijuana products or to imitate the flavor of marijuana

A 1195 – prohibits the sale and purchase of urine with the intent to defraud drug screening tests; further provides penalties for violations under this section

A 552 – creates the crime of aggravated criminal sale of marihuana; makes it a class E felony

SB 732 – creates a task force to study the medicinal uses of Delta-9-Tetra-Hydrocannabinol

SB 388 – Permits medical marijuana cardholders to possess certain amounts of hashish and food and tincture that incorporate marijuana or hashish. Changes amounts of marijuana that medical marijuana cardholder and primary caregiver may collectively possess. Decreases amount of marijuana that may be possessed by persons responsible for marijuana grow sites to 24 ounces. Creates exception to allow persons responsible for marijuana grow sites to store medical marijuana cardholder’s marijuana if cardholder cannot store marijuana at cardholder’s residence. Increases allowable size of marijuana seedlings. Directs Department of Human Services to prepare manual describing rights and obligations of medical marijuana cardholders, primary caregivers, and persons responsible for marijuana grow sites, and requires those persons to state in applications for registry identification cards that they have read manual.

SB 285 – directs State Board of Pharmacy to classify marijuana as controlled substance in Schedule II

HB 2503 – prohibits discrimination in employment under certain circumstances if discrimination is based on person’s status as medical marijuana registry cardholder or use of medical marijuana off property or premises of employment or during hours that are not hours of employment. Makes such discrimination unlawful employment practice. Allows employers to discipline employees who use medical marijuana on property or premises or during hours of employment.

HB 2497 – expands ability of employer to prohibit use of medical marijuana in workplace (Is this ultimately good or bad? I’m torn.)

HB 2341 – modifies definition of marijuana for purposes of controlled substances laws (making it Schedule II)

Rhode Island
S 185 – would make various changes to the medical marijuana act, including the creation and regulation of compassion centers to aid qualifying patients and their registered primary caregivers

H 5006 – would make it a crime to defraud the administration of a drug and alcohol test

H 5220 – they mentioned something about “blunt cigars” (no clue??)

South Dakota
HB 1128 – allow a medical necessity to be used as a defense in certain cases involving the possession or use of marijuana

HB 1127 – provide safe legal access to medical marijuana for certain qualified persons

HB 1271 & SB 1062 – allows person convicted of simple possession of marijuana after July 1, 2009, who has no prior drug convictions to have records expunged after completing entire sentence and those convicted before July 1, 2009, one year after completing sentence

HB 368 & SB 209 – enacts “Medical Marijuana Act of 2009″

HB 287 – would reduce penalties for possession of marijuana

HB 164 – would allow the medical use of marijuana

S 71 – would establish a sensible state marijuana policy

H 150 & H 217 – would decrease penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana

SB 5798 & HB 2046 – would allow medical marijuana

SB 5615 & HB 1177 – would make possession of less than 40 ounces of marijuana a civil infraction

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