Mail-order marijuana pitch lights up Dragons' Den

May 20th, 2009 – A Victoria man is hoping to break into the big leagues of B.C. bud distribution by pitching his mail-order medical marijuana business to potential investors on a reality TV show.

Later this week, Ian Layfield will make his pitch during the taping of Dragons’ Den, a CBC show that offers aspiring entrepreneurs one chance to convince a panel of hard-nosed Canadian business moguls to invest in their products.

Compassion clubs across Canada already distribute marijuana to those with medical prescriptions, but they operate within a grey area of the law that permits the use of medical marijuana, but not its unauthorized distribution.

Currently, the only legal way to obtain medical marijuana is with a federal government permit from an approved supplier, but those laws are being challenged in the courts.

Layfield told CBC News his company is unique because it is the only so-called compassion club in Canada that delivers medical marijuana by mail order. The Victoria company, which he co-founded, will also do the paperwork for those applying for a medical marijuana designation from the federal government, he said. Full article here.

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