Ken Locke is riding his bicycle around America for Medical Cannabis Awareness and he needs YOUR HELP

May 25th, 2009 – PLEASE “SHARE”: From Cheryl Hussein Jones:

Hello Friends, I know I reach out to you regarding medical cannabis a lot and I hope you don’t mind. Right now, I need your help spreading the word about Ken Locke’s bicycle trip around America for Medical Cannabis awareness. PLEASE “SHARE” this or REPOST it.


Ken Locke is a medical cannabis patient who suffered seizures after a head injury he sustained while cutting down a tree and he rode his bike around America in 2006 and now he’s doing it again. Call him: 828-506-0659
Facebook Profile: Ken Locke | Facebook
Myspace: –


He needs your help. PLEASE “SHARE” this or REPOST it. Please send this to all your cannabis supporting friends. If you have small donations of money and supplies please try to get it to him. If you are willing to drive their support vehicle, please contact him.


He’s on the road now

somewhere in Oregon and he’s heading to CA soon. Check the list below for more location details.


because we all know medical cannabis helps us and Ken’s doing what he can to bring awareness to the cause.

Here’s the info straight from Ken:

Do you want to ride along for part of the trip? Get your bicycles ready, and a couple spare tubes and tires..

May 15, 2009 We are going to ride across the United States again for Medical Marijuana Patients Rights and Freedoms.

On April 7,2006 we (Journey for Justice Seven), rode from Folly Beach SC to San Fransisco, Ca. We met and saw so many great people that came out and supported us. From young to old, smokers and non smokers, lawyers, store owners, park rangers, police officers, doctors, moms, dads, grandparents signed our truck, made Donations, brought us food and drink, so much!

So much True Compassion, True Concern and Love. So much was accomplished by a small group of people, and so many medical testimonies where recorded by Mark Pedersen, driver of the Journey for Justice Seven support truck, and the world now gets to know what medical patients are going through on a daily basis and How Medical Cannabis has helped relieve so much pain and suffering that goes on every day.

Clearly we have seen the efforts of those who have, for the past 70 years, misinformed and false educated the world population that Cannabis/Marijuana does Not have Medical Uses, or Medical Properties and the Benefits of Cannabis in it’s natural form, is Not possible… They are So Mistaken.

Many,many Medical Testimonies can be watched on YouTube We as citizens of a country with a Constitution!! , have watched and endured, for 70 years plus, the lies the Federal Govt has fostered and maintained about Medical Cannabis and WE KNOW THE TRUTH.

Patients, Citizens, Concerned people of our Earth, SPEAK Out! Stand up! We have in a single plant,God put here on this planet, We have the natural means to combat Cancer, and so many other medical conditions.. Show your support, help how you can, with this 2nd epic journey across OUR country.

Our Republic!! Lets change the laws together, for the good of Humanity! , enough people together, anything can be done.

The route is growing and building , getting detailed as the days and weeks pass.

These are the States and the capitols we will ride though so far to date
Blaine, Washington as starting point .
Washington – Olympia
Oregon – Salem
California – Sacramento
Nevada – Carson City
Utah – Salt Lake City
Colorado – Denver
Nebraska – Lincoln
Iowa – Des Moines
Missouri – Jefferson City
Illinois – Springfield
Indiana – Indianapolis
Ohio – Columbus
West Virginia – Charleston
Maryland –
Washington DC
Virginia – Richmond
North Carolina – Raleigh
with Wilmington Beach as finish point.


These are the routes , names of towns and major cities that we are riding though on the left, and camping sites/date on right.

Washington State: 7 days : route 13 to 539 to 11 to 9 to 507 to 411.
Blaine Starting Point
Bellingham Larrabee State Park 16-17th May
Mount Vernon Wenburg State Park 18th
Stanwood Seattle 19th
Warm Beach Olympia 20th
Tulalip Lewis & Clark State Park 21th
Marysville Longview 22nd
Seattle Tacoma Olympia Longview

Oregon State: 8 days : route 30 to 99E to 22 to 99W to 99 to 58 to 97.
Vancouver/Portland Portland 23-24th
Salem Salem 25th
Corvallis Eugene 26th
Eugene Blue Pool 27th
Oakridge Walt Haring 28th
Clemult CollierMem. State Park 29th
Beaver Marsh Klamath Falls 30th
Diamond Lake Junction Chiloquin Klamath Falls

California State: 9 days : route 97 to 89 to 44 to 36 to 32.
Weed Weed JUNE 1st
Mill Creek McArthur Burney Falls Mem State Park 2nd
Yuba City Drakesbad 3rd
Sacramento Chico 4th
Placerville Yuba City 5th
S. Lake Tahoe Sacramento 6-7 th
Placerville 8th
S. Lake Tahoe 9th

Nevada State: 8 days : route 50.
Carson City Carson City 10th
Fallon Fallon 11th
Cold Springs Cold Springs 12th
Bob Scott Bob Scott 13th
Eureka Eureka 14-15th
Ely Ely 16th
Lehman Caves Lehman Caves 17th

Utah State: 7 days: route 50 to 6 to 68 to 40.
Delta Delta 18th
Eureka Eureka 19th
Geshen Utah State Park 20-21th
Valley City Heber City 22nd
SaltLake City Stravation State Park 23rd
Heber City Vernal 24th
Duchesne Vernal

Colorado State: 11 days: route 40 to 34 to 36 to 66 to 86 to 34 to 6 to 138.
Elk Springs Elk Springs 25th
Craig Yampa River 26th
Steamboat Springs Walton Creek 27-28th
Hot Sulphur Springs Green Ridge 29th
Estes Park Estes Park 30th
Longmont Bo Scheffer Ranch JULY 1st
Denver Greenley 2nd
Platteville Jackson Lake State Park 3rd
Greeley N. Sterling State Park 4-5th
Fort Morgon Brush Sterling Julesburg

Nebraska State: 8 days: route 30 to 81.
Ogallala Ogallala 6th
North Platte North Platte 7th
Gothhenburg Johnson Lake State Park 8th
Cozad Ft. Kearney State Park 9th
Lexington Mormon Island State Park 10th
Grand Island Lincoln 11-12th
Lincoln Omaha 13th

Iowa State: 7 days: route 34 to 169 to 28 to 163 to 46 to 5 to 92 to 63.
Glenwood VikingLake State Park 14th
Red Oak Green Valley State Park 15th
Creston Des Moines 16th
Des Moines Elk Rock State Park 17th
Knoxville Lake Keomah State Park 18-19th
Oskaloosa Lake Wapello State Park 20th
Ottumwa Bloomingfield

Missouri State: 6 days: route 63 to 94.
Kirksville Thousand Hills State Park July, 21th
Macon Long Branch State Park 22nd
Moberly Finger Lakes State Park 23rd
Columbia Jefferson City 24th
Jefferson City St. Louis 25-26th
St. Louis

Illinois State: 5 days: route 111 to 108 to 4 54 to 51 to 150.
Godfrey Beaver Dam State Park 27th
Carlinville Sangchris Lake State Park 28th
Springfield Springfield 29th
Mt.Pulaski Weldon Springs 30th
Clinton Kickapoo 31th
Bloomington/Normal Farmer City Mahomet Urbana Danville

Indiana State: 4 days: route 136 to 63 to 36.
Montezuma Raccoon State Rec/Park AUGUST 1-2nd
Indianapolis Indianapolis 3rd
Richmond Richmond 4th

Ohio State: 5 days: route 40 to 23 to 56 to 50.
Englewood Buck Creek State Park 5th
Vandalia Columbus 6th
Springfield Hocking Hills State Park 7th
Columbus Athens 8-9th
Circleville Athens Belpro

West Virgin State: 10 days: route 7 to 62/35 to 119 to 4 to 19 to 1 to 50.
Parkersburg Parkersburg 10th
Point Pleasant Point Pleasant 11th
Charleston Kanawha State Park 12th
Buckhannon Clay ?? 13th
Philippi Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park 14th
Grafton Audra State Park 15th
Canaan Valley State Park 16-17th Hawk 18th

Virginia State: 9 days: route 50 to 1
Winchester Winchester 19th
Chantilly Chantilly 20th
Washington Washington 21th
Fredricksburg Prince William Forest Park 22th
Richmond Fredricksburg 23-24rd
Petersburg Richmond 25th
South Hill Petersburg 26th
South Hill 27th

North Carolina State: 5 days: route 1 to 60 to 50 to 421.
Henderson Henderson 28th
Raliegh Raleigh 29-30th
Clinton Clinton 31th
Burgan Wilmington Beach Sept. 1th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wilmington Beach

We have alot of great people helping with the 2009 tour. Donations and sponsorships are being acknowledged that they will be there God Bless you and Thank you from Our hearts! Peace, Love and Harmony. :0) :0) :0) :0) :0) :0) :0) :0) :0) :0)


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