It makes no sense to prosecute Ian Barry

June 7, 2009 – The tide is turning on marijuana use. In Washington State, we already have fairly lax penalties for possession and use. We have finally won the medical battle here.
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The current penalty for possession of up to 40 grams of marijuana is $250-$500.

What will it cost to prosecute Ian Barry, the Peninsula High School student who smoked a joint in his speech during an English assembly?

So why continue to hang on to a failed paradigm? Prohibition has failed, over and over.

In our economy, it’s ludicrous to continue to prosecute this kind of victimless crime. No one was hurt by his actions. Libertarians believe that crimes must involve some victim. If we are sovereign individuals, then only we are responsible for what we do: what we ingest or smoke; who we entertain in our bedrooms, who we marry. We must deal with the consequences.

Ian Barry was courageous. His act of civil disobedience may have been ill-advised, but I fail to see how he can even be prosecuted. By the time he was arrested, he may not have even been in possession of any marijuana.

Brilliant young man. He ate the roach.

Prosecution of this courageous young protester is a total waste of your tax dollars and mine, in a state that has a budget deficit of $8.3 billion this cycle.


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