Is Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske Softening his Stance on Marijuana? You Decide

October 15, 2009 – In a recent interview, Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske talks about his job and his previous statements on marijuana.

Being in such a high profile job isn’t easy. Just three months after taking over, Kerlikowske found himself in a controversy when he said that marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit.

Kerlikowske said he wishes he would have been more clear that he was referring to smoked marijuana.

“It’s been very clear from the FDA that smoked marijuana doesn’t have medicinal effect. When it comes to other things, that may have a benefit. We’ll let science answer that question and I think it’s still being resolved.”

Kerlikowske’s office plans to release the nation’s new drug strategy sometime in February.

He said Americans will notice a shift towards more treatment-oriented programs.

“More people are dying from overdoses than from car crashes and gunshot wounds. This is something parents can prevent.”

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One response to “Is Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske Softening his Stance on Marijuana? You Decide”

  1. It`s one thing to have people think you are STUPID, It is another when you open your mouth and PROVE their point, He just stuck his foot further in his mouth,The reports from National Institute Of Medicine and AMA both state their “Concerns” about the dangers of Smoking,The Main delivery method for Cannabis and therefore not recommended (Delivery Method)Ingestion and Vaporization were also discussed as safer options.Both reports actually confirm the benefits of Cannabis.The FDA needs to take a look at these reports,And many others for that fact.
    The Cannabis issue has been so stigmatized for so many years that no politician wants to stick their necks out and stand up for what is right. For a moment there I thought Obama was going to surprise us and he backed off too, I wonder WHO got to him.
    *Don`t bother,I can name about a dozen myself*

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