Iowa Board To Consider Marijuana Plan, Again…

Jul 21, 2009-The Iowa Board of Pharmacy may consider a proposal that could lead to a series of public hearings on the medicinal use of marijuana.Iowa

Earlier this year a judge ordered the board to consider whether marijuana had an accepted medical use. In keeping with the court’s order, the board did consider the issue. It voted against approving marijuana, citing the lack of scientific evidence.

Supporters vowed to go back to court to continue the fight.

At its meeting Tuesday, the board may consider a plan that would call for public hearings across Iowa. The hearings would allow comment on the issue and look at the pros and cons of medical marijuana.

Based on the information gathered, the board would then make a recommendation to the legislature regarding the status of marijuana.

A bill introduced to the Iowa Legislature that would allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes stalled earlier this year. Source.

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