Illinois – Sick, dying need sensible marijuana law

May 19, 2009 – If you’ve followed the debate regarding a bill to stop criminalizing seriously ill patients who rely on medical marijuana, you might believe Illinois’ law enforcement community has lined up unanimously to oppose this sensible, compassionate legislation.

It’s true that a few of our chiefs and police union leaders have appointed themselves spokespeople for the rapidly dwindling few who would still arrest suffering Illinoisans whose doctors recommend medical marijuana for relief.

But they do not speak for all who serve in law enforcement. We see laws requiring officers to harass and even arrest seriously ill people fighting for their very lives as cruel and wasteful not only to those suffering patients, but also to those of us who swore to protect and defend them.

We base our strong support for this medical marijuana legislation on our years of experience enforcing the law. We have listened carefully to our colleagues’ arguments against allowing doctors and patients to make treatment decisions involving medical marijuana, and we believe their opposition is sincere and heartfelt.

But it is not rooted in science or real-world experience and should be rejected. Full article here

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