New Hampshire:High-yield Hemp Crop could Boost Revenues

March 20, 2010 – While gambling schemes may deliver economic benefits, it’s just more bread and circus – entertainment venues that produce nothing of lasting value.

Gambling offers no direct benefit to rural taxpayers who choose not to work and play in that sort of economy. As a farm state struggling through this recession, New Hampshire would be better served by legalizing the cultivation of agricultural cannabis.

Industrial hemp (not marijuana) is a hardy, high-yield-per-acre crop that yields nutritious seeds, valuable oils, and superior fiber for paper, pressboard, cordage and cloth – without heavy use of farm chemicals.

Worldwide demand for hemp materials is surging; full-scale production in New Hampshire would spark sustainable opportunities across a range of local industries – farming, processing and production, product design, distribution, and professional services.

Hemp cultivation is of course prohibited by federal laws that are dutifully followed by the loyalists who run our state. Prohibitionists are certainly strong and committed to maintaining the status quo, but no more so than the forces our founders had to push back against.

Farming communities in New Hampshire, get informed, get organized and stand up for your right to participate in this emerging economic and agricultural frontier.  Source. By Carl Hedberg.

One response to “New Hampshire:High-yield Hemp Crop could Boost Revenues”

  1. How does a state with the motto “Live free or die” end up electing a Governor like Lynch, four or five times in a row? Who vetoes a sensible thing like industrial hemp in a bogus “war on drugs” against the majority of the legislature and the needs of the economy? Clearly New Hampshire isn’t what it used to be, and it’s sad to see people so overtaken with irrational fears like this that they’re willing to sacrifice a free and self-sufficient future.

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