Hemp Twine: An Eco Alternative to Baker’s Twine

July 14, 2011 – Baker’s twine is all the rage, but conventional cotton leaves a lot to be desired, from an eco perspective. Hemp twine to the rescue!

Oh, baker’s twine! You are so beautiful. Unfortunately, since baker’s twine is made from conventional cotton, that means it’s also most likely genetically modified and it’s definitely grown with a huge amount of toxic pesticides.

Luckily, green crafters don’t have to forgo all of the bakers twin-y fun thanks to the power of hemp. Unlike cotton, hemp is not genetically modified, and it takes very little water and few pesticides to grow. Hemp is popular for eco-friendly sewing, but fabric isn’t the only use for this wonder fiber.

Hemp Twine
The folks at Global Hemp recently reached out to us about their hemp twine products, and they even have a hemp baker’s twine on offer.

One interesting point that they made was about the origins of their fiber. Here’s what they had to say:

We get an initial negative response to our products being made in China, but China is the world capital of hemp textiles. We can’t grow in the US and Canada grows hemp for seed, not fiber. We have mainly ladies who produce the cordage and they are paid by the hour, not by piece-work. They ride bikes to work (they don’t live at work), and they made over 2 times minimum wage for their region. There are no young labors. Most ladies are in the 20′s-50′s.

Not only can you use hemp twine in place of baker’s twine in craft projects, but it’s great for making jewelry, scrapbooking, or even in the garden. Source.


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