Hemp Revolution part 1 of 2

Feb 12, 2009 – Making a hemp advocacy documentary is an uphill cinematic battle because of the unintentional humor that surfaces. It is difficult to keep a straight face when you’re told that hemp can be used to build “anything from a 2×4 to the body of a stealth jet bomber”; or how hemp packaging would allow you to “eat the container for dessert” in fast-food joints; or that commercial hemp could be “the greatest economic engine in the history of the human race.” Of course, the truth is that these assertions are perfectly legitimate. Unfortunately, hemp has become so marginalized in our society that the myriad benefits of the substance appear as ridiculous pipe dreams, when in fact they are achievable realities. http://truth-tv.org secrets discovered Author: 911truthnc Keywords: Anthony Clarke DuPont Hearst textiles fuel Added:

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