Hemp Prohibition – A Crime Against Humanity

September 22, 2009 – There is no question that hemp’s illegality is a crime against humanity. The damage caused by this inane policy is unimaginable. When hemp finally becomes legal and is photo_verybig_102372utilized the way it should be, people will cry about what has been lost and curse the world governments for what they have done.

Nobody should be arrested for possessing cannabis, yet so many people are every hour. The fear that runs through someone’s heart when they are in that kind of situation should not be tolerated by anybody, yet some people believe that it is good to punish people for this. Do you believe you should be arrested, thrown in to a police car, and drained of thousands of dollars for drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette, both of which are literally infinitely more dangerous than cannabis? If not, then why should one think that lives should be ruined for this?

It is an ironic fact that cannabis is illegal because it is said to be “dangerous”, but taken in the proper quantities, it is the complete opposite. Studies show that people who smoke moderate amounts of cannabis live longer (two years longer!) and are protected from neurological and cardiovascular diseases, to some extent. Therefore, the government making cannabis illegal is taking away YOUR right to life!

One clue to the effectiveness of cannabis is the simple fact that people derive great relief from just smoking it. Isn’t it amazing that smoking something is more effective to people than actual prescription medications? And the kicker is that cannabis reaches only a small fraction of its potential when smoked; the true power lies in extracts.

The best way to use cannabis medicinally is to extract the resins and concentrate them, forming a substance known as hemp oil. An ideal and easy extraction process was developed by a man named Rick Simpson, who also used his product on hundreds of people with amazing success, even curing many cases of terminal cancer.

As if curing cancer was not good enough, the industrial applications of hemp are incredible. Hemp can be used as an alternative fuel, a perfectly balanced staple food, and a replacement for virtually all petroleum and tree products. However, because industrial hemp is illegal in the United States, none of us can enjoy these benefits.

Because we are limited by our own perspectives, nobody will ever know just how much suffering was caused by cannabis being illegal. The damage to recreational smokers is terrible but is nothing compared to those who have suffered from diseases that could have been cured or prevented through hemp oil.

Want to know what you can do to help? The best thing is to educate yourself and others about the truth of cannabis, and write to your local lawmakers about the full truth. If all the lawmakers are informed about cannabis’ true properties, they will have no choice but to take notice! By Suzaku Kururugi. Source.

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