Hemp Oil Helps with Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis

May 2nd, 2010 – Enthusiastic letters full of emotions. Such are common reactions of people to whom Picture 22cosmetic with hempseed oil-content helped to reduce or remove acne. Respectively to whom this cosmetic improved constitutional acne, dermatitis or psoriasis. It helps also in case of burns and skin lesions.

Emotions are understandable. Skin disease stigmatises not only human skin but also people’s mental health. However let try to look soberly at the possibilities of hemp-content cosmetic.

She tried almost all but without any effect Twenty-two years old Alena Mitanova treated acne since she was fourteen. She tried out all, except for hormones, which she can’t use because of problems with varicose veins. Including propolis or yeast mixed with baby powder. All without any effect. She works as a waitress and so acne was quite unpleasant for her. After the negative experience with various ointments her attitude to hemp-content cosmetic was sceptical. However she was surprised. Within three weeks acne regressed as never before. It didn’t disappear but it is kept within acceptable limits. Today Alena looks much better and she also feels much better.

Similar experience that of daughter of Alena Pčolová, MD from Lipová-Spa. She treated acne with common combination of hormonal therapy and creams with local action. Her skin’s condition improved very much after the addition of cosmetic containing hempseed oil. And it’s obvious that her sensations improved too.

And we can go on repeating similar stories. Nevertheless hemp-content cosmetic is not a drug against acne. It is only additional therapy which can improve its condition in to varied extent.

Successful experiment
It was not by chance that doctor Pčolová offered her daughter to check out hempseed oil. Together with her colleague Milena Blehova, MD with whom she works as dermatologist in Spa Dolní Lipová, they proved effects of hempseed oil in group of patients with constitutional dermatitis and psoriasis. „Results seemed comparable to us with positive effects of cure in our spa; it is treatment by herbal baths, radiation treatment with special lamps and treatment with classic ointments” says doctor Blehova. That what we like most is the fact that it is a natural product without side-effects.”

Condition of the affected skin gets worse in some patients after the first applications of oil, same as in case of use of other therapies. Worsening can last for two or three days. Usually it signalizes thaa healing has started.

In case of patients with psoriasis oil didn’t improve only the skin condition. It relieved also the associated pruritus. Many patients scratch their skin. It complicates the treatment. Furthermore the pruritus wakes them up and so they can’t sleep well.

Now we have to pity the lost years
It is hard for mothers of children with constitutional dermatitis Jana Madejova knows now. She tried out everything to treat her son’s constitutional dermatitis including the ointments with corticoids. These ointments helped, however after they were discontinued, eczema was back. In addition it isn’t possible to use corticoids in the long term because of their side effects. So Jana went on research. And it lasted nearly four years. She found hemp-content cosmetic on the internet. She embrocated it on her son’s skin six or eight times a day. After three weeks eczema vanished almost completely and together with pruritus. Today she uses it preventively and she’s very satisfied. „I regret my doctor didn’t tell me about this alternative treatment,” says Jana. „It is possible it can affect various people in various ways. But in case of my son it would have been very beneficial to find out this cosmetic sooner because so we’d safe several years of needless suffering.

Perfect for treatment of burns
Besides constitutional dermatitis, psoriasis and acne hemp-content cosmetic has positive effect on wounds healing, especially of burns. Helena Kašparová, MD of surgical department of hospital in Opočno says wounds dressed with this cosmetic heal up faster and there are also fewer complications, including scars. It also helped many people with venous ulcerations and has an effect on burns too. These heal up faster and with less serious complications.

Don’t come under the emotions
A lot of patients from Society of patients with psoriasis and constitutional dermatitis have a good experience with hemp-content cosmetic. Medical doctors in Achilea Sanatorium in Prague, which specializes in skin diseases, have similar experience. Head physician Nina Benáková, MD says this cosmetic is perfect as a part of maintenance treatment of affected skin. It contributes to its hydratation and improvement of dermal barrier after the treatment with corticoids. However as she knows what sensations can be caused by each preparation markedly improving their disease she urges to be realistic. She considers hempseed oil to be a useful part of treatment as it upgrades its potential. Nevertheless the treatment has to be comprehensive. Patient should be on special diet and regimen, keep from irritant agents and grease the affected skin thoroughly and regularly. Patient also has to use other drugs if necessary. Source.

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