Hemp Celebrities: Woody Harrelson

August 15, 2009 – A celebrity that was green years before it was cool is Woody Harrelson. Harrelson has long been a supporter of the legalization of Woody-Harrelsonhemp. In fact, he was arrested in Kentucky back in 1996 for planting hemp seed. He eventually won the case even though the state law didn’t distinguish between industrial hemp (used for things such as clothing) and marijuana.
Harrelson also scaled the Golden Gate Bridge with the members of Earth First! to protest the harvesting of redwood trees.

Woody was the subject of the 2003 documentary Go Further, in which he traveled the U.S. in a biodiesel bus fueled with hemp oil. Along the way, he and his friends visited eco-friendly farmers, activist training camps, and tree-friendly paper producers, and talked at universities about being environmentally conscious.

Harrelson is also the founder of the web site Voice Yourself along with his wife Laurie Louie, Joe Hickey, Barbara Moss, Tom Ballanco, Tracy Harshman, and Stacy Owens. Voice Yourself sets out to inspire people to live a more conscious, organic life in hopes of restoring the harmony of the planet.
The site has sections where you can learn the latest green news, find ways to get off the grid (meaning to use non-traditional energy sources), learn about other green activists, and even a section on politics. You can also learn how to green your own body – by eating better, doing yoga, and practicing meditation.

There is a global community which offers a forum where you can speak to others about their environmental concerns and ideas for changing the future. There are games where you can learn to be greener, screensavers that serve as daily reminders of green issues, and even a pamphlet of yoga poses that can be printed out.

This is a great site and maybe by taking a look at it, you can take away at leasst a few ideas about how to live a greener life. That is a great start!
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