California: Grow Your Marijuana Elsewhere, Granny

February 11, 2010 – The senior-living community of Laguna Woods in South Orange County has been a must-stop location for Republicans raising money and running for Picture 31office. It’s a conservative enclave in a conservative part of a traditionally red county. But sprouts of green have been cropping up as some of its residents have embraced medical marijuana.

One in particular has been growing the kine stuff in a community garden. But no longer. The Orange County Register reports this week that Golden Rain Foundation Board, which controls the Woods’ community gardens, banned the practice in a unanimous vote.

However — and this is a big however — residents can still cultivate personal sticky in their own home gardens and on balconies.

The foundation board thought that growing it out in the open in community gardens could attract a criminal element. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department had said, for its part, that it would not target anyone with a doctor’s note who was growing bud in the garden.

“People think it brings the wrong kind of people,” Lonnie Painter, the community garden’s sole green thumb told the Register. The foundation “is convincing those people it’s a matter of security and it’s not.”

Last year residents of the community — average age 78 — formed its first medical marijuana collective. Now that’s a green state of mind. Source.

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