Green Building with Hemp – Worldwide Symposium

August 9, 2009 – The 1st International Hemp Building Symposium is a ‘call to action’ for natural building professionals from all over the world.buildingcollageweb

Join builders, design professionals, and companies, all committed to building, sustainably with natural materials.

For the event to learn or share details of hemp fiber construction, exchange knowledge, make contacts with other builders, designers and companies all committed to a better way of building.

The Hemp Building Symposium is hosted by renowned Irish hemp construction expert, author of “Building With Hemp”, Steve Allin and Jayeson Hendyrsan Canadian hemp building specialist.

Located in beautiful Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland, take advantage of the attractive accommodation prices arranged.

About Hemp Construction

Hemp construction utilises many building methods, used from ancient to modern times. Now industrial hemp construction is recognised as the pre-eminent GREEN building material that it is.

Multi-purpose construction uses range from partical board to lightweight masonry, plaster, insulation products and more.

Hemp fiber is THE natural building material of choice:

* Strong, durable
* Petro-chemical free
* Can be a locally sourced, renewable resource
* Excellent thermal mass and insulative qualities
* Resistant to fire, pest and water damage
* Resistant to earthquake damage
* A building constructed with Hemp materials also has the ability to be CARBON NEUTRAL.

Hemp hurds are mixed with a combination of lime products to produce a light weight, insulating, breathing material. Then the hempcrete is cast around a timber framework. A variety of finishes are possible.

Hemp is also being used by the Ford Motor Company, Lotus Cars and others in the production of more environmentally friendly vehicles.

Hemp seeds and oil are used in the beauty and health and building industries. Hemp makes strong canvas, beautiful clothing and durable paper and has been used around the world as such for hundreds of years. Source.

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