Governor Signs Hemp Bill Into Law in The Aloha State

May 2nd, 2014 – On Wednesday, Hawaii’s Governor Neil Abercrombie signed legislation into law that will permit the cultivation of industrial hemp for research dedications in his state.
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Said legislation will permit the University of Hawaii (UH) to cultivate a limited amount of hemp for the next two years.

It’s been reported that UH has a prearranged area the approximate size of a football field on Hickam Air Force base where they intend to cultivate their now-legal crops.

Representative Cynthia Thielen believes that ultimately legalizing industrial hemp for mass production would help her state’s economy and offer numerous job opportunities for residents.

“This will create jobs for people. It’s an entrepreneur’s dream with 25,000 uses of industrial hemp — none of which get you high,” Representative Thielen explained.

The university will be required to reveal its results to lawmakers at the close of the program in 2016.


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