Gil Kerlikowske is a Damned Liar

August 3, 2009 -(SALEM, Ore.) – I swear, it is like grade school with these big important federal guys, it’s like they haven’t learned a thing in spite of what the 220px-Gil_Kerlikowske-1society is very clearly telling them.

What does a government do, when law enforcement sees itself as an institution above the law? How does a career cop know more about medicine than doctors and more about science than… well you get the idea.

The new “Drug Czar”, which is a stupid term if there ever was, Gil Kerlikowske, is a dinosaur in this day and age, along with groups like the California Narcotic Officer’s Association. Together, they are working to undermine state laws that clearly have accepted marijuana’s medical applications.

But good old Gil says it ain’t so, and he influences millions adversely with his false propaganda. That’s right, and that is putting it mildly; the man is full of it. We have published articles about this and people know. One of the articles was specifically written to Gil by his predecessor as Seattle Police Chief, Norm Stamper. (see: Open Letter to the New ‘Drug Czar’ from Another Top Cop: End the Drug War – Norm Stamper LEAP Special to

Stamper urged Kerlikowske to play it smart and he was respectful, and helpful. But Czar Gil threw the fish back. Along with equally pathetic professional liars to the American public like Asa Hutchinson, he is willing to say or do anything to demonize this simple harmless plant, that was categorized with meth and heroin.

I honestly don’t think this highly paid man with a Russian title means any of it, he can’t be that out of it. If you could, you would simply follow the money trail. In this case it is probably smoothed over with leaves so the best tracker couldn’t trace it, but it is there.

It inevitably leads to the big pharmaceutical companies. It leads to the private prisons industry. No matter what, it leads to anti-American politicians who want to lock up Americans for something that is nobody’s business in the first place.

The wasteful, needless and sometimes comedic campaign against pot will some day be the butt of jokes, but right now the jokes still have the stage and are in office.

These characters with their silly titles are nothing more than paid mouthpieces who are willing to go down with their ship when it is clear, exceedingly clear, that their narrow views are greatly and even overwhelmingly rejected by the American public at large.

Last March I wrote about Asa Hutchinson’s outrageous attempt to repeatedly group marijuana with methamphetamine, (see: Are Former Homeland Security Undersecretary Hutchinson’s Words a Death Sentence for American Kids? – Political Perspective by Tim King which is another part of the big federal lie.

Asa didn’t like the portrayal and wrote to me just a few hours after the article was published, asking very politely if I would consider writing another article explaining that he clearly knew the difference between pot and meth and that he didn’t mean to suggest they were equally harmful. Yet that is exactly what he did the night before on the MSNBC program. (see the follow up article: Asa Hutchinson Disagrees With Portrayal in Salem-News Political Perspective Article – Political Perspetive by Tim King

I swear, it is like grade school with these big important federal guys, it’s like they haven’t learned a thing in spite of what the society is very clearly telling them.

Pot has never killed anybody and it is used by millions and millions of people. It doesn’t necessarily make those who use it good or bad, but it carries few drawbacks when compared to alcohol and of course an endless list of legal pharmaceutical drugs – things that can kill you deader than a doornail if you take them wrong, or too many, etc.

And all those deadly prescription drugs, along with alcohol, which has ruined more lives than can ever be tallied, are OK with people like Hutchinson and Kerlikowske. Source.

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