Get Your Game on with a Fully Functional Hemp Wii Remote!

April 18, 2010 – Fans of hemp and the Nintendo Wii will get a kick out of this eco-friendly remote

Attention all gamers and greenies: you can now combine your love for Mario Kart and Wii Fit, as well as your appreciation for natural hemp, with the official Hemp-Mote. I kid you not!  This hemp Wii remote, which comes with a matching nunchuck, was featured on DHRECK, and it’s a classic reminder of the versatility of hemp.

The Hemp-Mote is made from 3 different types of hemp string that have been wound tightly around a traditional Wii remote, whose plastic outer shell was carefully removed.  According to the website: “The Hemp-Mote is absolutely playable, all buttons, accelerometers and the infrared camera accounted for. Unfortunately its exterior is also quite fragile and prone to degeneration (As far as game controllers go), and being in this raw state makes it more of a show-case piece than a daily replacement.”
Here are a few more pictures of the hemp-tastic creation:

Photos from
What I like about this idea is that it gets video gamers to think about things we can reuse from the natural environment, rather than from the fantasy environment created in video games. I also think that I would be okay just showcasing the hemp remote as an art piece, mainly because I wouldn’t want my hands to get all sweaty on the hemp string, but also because it’s just too cool-looking to mess up!  Source.

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