Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles and are looking to obtain a medical marijuana card, you are in luck. There are many establishments you can go to that will give you one of these, and chances are there is one in your area. Ever since the state of California legalized medical marijuana, more and more people are creating clinics.

In order to get a medical marijuana recommendation, you have to know the process. As the law stands now, this medicine is only prescribed to patients who have particular illnesses that a state has decided can be helped by marijuana. This drug is still illegal by Federal law, no matter what.

Luckily, the California laws have directly specified particular illnesses one can get a card for, and they have also left it open to any other chronic or persistent medical symptom that limits a persons life activities or can cause serious harm to a persons physical or mental health (as stated in California SB 420).

Some of the serious medical conditions you can get a marijuana recommendation for are: AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, anorexia, cachexia, seizures, persistent muscle spasms, migraines, glaucoma, arthritis and severe nausea. This medicine has also been shown to help anxiety and several other mood disorders.

Once you have one research and know that the ailment you have has proven to be helped by medical marijuana, you are ready to go to the doctor. You can either ask your primary care physician to recommend medical marijuana to you, or you can go to a medical marijuana clinic doctor who specializes in recommending this particular drug.

To find a clinic where you can get a medical marijuana card in Los Angeles, it is best to search the internet. Websites like NORML have lists of medical marijuana friendly doctors, and you can also search for a holistic medicine or alternative medicine clinic near you. Call them and ask if they have a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana. Because Los Angeles has a big market for this medicine, it should be easy to find a clinic in your area.

If you do not go to your normal doctor, bring your medical history with you when you see the doctor at the clinic. Tell the doctor what ailment you have and ask if he thinks medical marijuana would help you. If the doctor does, he will write you a marijuana recommendation. This is basically a piece of paper that says you’re a medical marijuana patient and you’re allowed to enter dispensaries and obtain the medicine or grow your own.

How you decide to get your marijuana is up to you. Lots of people like going to dispensaries because it saves you the trouble of growing the plants yourself, and usually dispensaries have a great variety of strands to choose from. A lot of these places also have edible goodies you can buy too, if you prefer to ingest the medicine instead of smoke it. There are lots of options at dispensaries, and there are lots of dispensaries to choose from in Los Angeles especially.

If you decide to grow your own plants, you will need to know how many plants your specific county allows you to have legally. In California, this is not specified by the state law. You can find this out online or you can ask someone from your county office when you go get your medical marijuana card. There are lots of good articles online about how to grow marijuana plants, what type of lights to use and how to take care of them.

A marijuana recommendation is all you need to be able to have medical marijuana legally, but California has taken it one step further and made cards as well. They’re statewide and provide an extra layer of protection from cops. These can be obtained through your county and are good for one year, just like your recommendation. You pay a fee and fill out an application to get a card.

This medicine has helped many people with serious ailments in California, and it can help you too. If you start the process now, you’ll be on your way to getting a medical marijuana card and be able to reap the benefits of this drug. Article Source.

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