Free Marc Emery! – Prince of Pot wants 420 Protests Worldwide to Back Him

July 22, 2009 – Marc Emery, the “Prince of Pot,” certainly thinks like a royal.Picture 13

He has plans for a grand send-off before he is sentenced in a federal court in Seattle on marijuana charges and, presumably, sent off to prison.

Emery spent years fighting federal prosecutors after his marijuana-seed business in Vancouver, B.C., got him busted by agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in 2005

Earlier this year, he acknowledged that he could fight but not stop extradition. So he will plead guilty.

He took off on a farewell tour. And now he has announced on his MySpace blog that he wants 420 demonstrations around the world on the Saturday before he is sentenced. He expects to be sentenced in October.

Just in case you can’t decide what to write on your sign, Emery has provided some suggestions. “Free Marc Emery” is a natural, of course.

Or “Free out/the leader of the cannabis culture, Marc Emery” if you wish.

My favorite: “DEA out of …..(your country or town here)”

Hope his faithful lay off the bong a bit. You’d hate to see Norwegians, Turks or Mexicans walking around with goofy grins and signs that read: “DEA out of your country or town here.”

He is also asking that his supporters write “a polite, sensitive letter” to his sentencing judge, U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo Martinez.

(Update: Those more worldly than I am — and who isn’t? — note that the number 420 is of great significance to pot activists.) Source.

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