Flying High: Hemp Seeds To Replace Airline Peanuts?

SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash – FlashNews) – Passengers will truly be flying high if one man manages to replace airline peanuts with hemp seeds.

Richard Davis of hemp-based snack company, Blue Sun Corporation, has just created Honey Roasted Hemp Nuts, little packs of hemp seeds that taste similar to seasoned beer nuts.

With recent talks of airlines possibly banning peanuts due to allergies, Davis is hoping to offer Hemp Nuts aboard airplanes as an alternative to the classic in-flight snack.

But don’t expect a bunch of stoners in the skies.

Davis says the seeds don’t contain any of the active compounds found in marijuana, so you’d have to eat “many, many bags” to feel stoned.

He also insists that the munchies don’t give you more munchies, but does admit Hemp Nuts “mellow people out,” so passengers may be able to relax and sleep better on flights.

Davis is currently pitching the peanut substitute to Southwest and Alaska Airlines.

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